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Welcome to the Beta Zone

Jan 20, 2009 by Edward

Below is a list of upcoming releases and projects that are 'in the works'.

  • xFx Message Viewer v4 - A re-implementation of the ever popular xAP Message Viewer using a new (MVC-based) application architecture.
  • xAP Dynalite Connector - Exchange data between a Dynalite bus (Dynet) and xAP.
  • xAP Lighting Desk - Multi standard lighting control centre.
  • Caller ID - Landline calling line identification with the Crucible Meteor Plus CTI unit.
  • Remote Control - Two-way SMS/xAP Messaging for GSM and landlines.
  • xFx-Express - A .Net xAP library to replace xAPFramework.Net.

To find out more about the software listed here you will either need to contact us by email or have been sent a beta test key.