xAP Home Automation

An open standard for the home

xAP Projects

Jun 13, 2006 by Edward

xAP is a way to integrate home automation sub-systems (lighting, heating, security etc) so that they can act together as a truly intelligent home.

xAP is a set of conventions that allows home automation devices connected to a home network exchange information and control each other. xAP is not any particular piece of software or hardware; it’s a standard created to help programs and devices made by different home automation manufacturers and enthusiasts talk to each other. There are already a considerable number of things that understand xAP and the number is growing all the time.

The projects on these pages demonstrate ersp-design's commitment to xAP as an enabling technology for intelligent home design. They range from pure infrastructure (Hub, Viewer) through support of 3rd party developers (xAP Framework) and subsystem building-blocks (SqueezeCenter, Barionet, Dynalite etc) to the integration of home automation control packages (HouseBot).