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xAP Plugins for HouseBot v3

Sep, 2008 by Edward
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HouseBot by CeBotics is an affordable, established home automation server for Windows PC's that connects to a wide variety of home automation hardware and software. HouseBot is controlled by software remotes—stylish, customisable graphic interfaces for PC's, PDA's and touchscreens. HouseBot is designed to be extensible by providing plug-in interfaces for third-party components.

  • For full information on HouseBot v3 visit housebot.com.
  • There is a 30 day free trial version available for download.
  • xAP Plugins for HouseBot v3 can be purchased and downloaded at the bottom of this page.

xAP Plugins for HouseBot is a set of software components that connects HouseBot to the xAP home automation network allowing HouseBot to massively increase the range of devices it works with.

xAP-enabled HouseBot installations are working with audio servers such as Logitec's SqueezeBox; lighting systems including Clipsal C-Bus, X10, Dynalite and DMX; 1-Wire temperature/weather monitoring; caller ID etc etc. xAP Plugins for HouseBot can also be used to integrate HouseBot with other home automation platforms such as HomeSeer and Cytech's Comfort.

housebot remote

xAP Plugins for HouseBot adds the following devices to HouseBot:

  • xAP Network Interface. An intelligent network interface that monitors the xAP network and constructs a dynamic network view of remote xAP devices. The network interface can automatically create HouseBot devices for xAP Basic Status and Control (BSC) devices.
  • xAP Listener Device. Listens to all messages sent by a remote device on the xAP Network. The device will automatically create and then maintain HouseBot properties and values for all xAP message items received.
  • xAP Sender Device. Can send arbitrary xAP messages. You define the structure of the message using a set of custom HouseBot properties.
  • xAP BSC Binary Device. Simple on/off control for switches, relays etc.
  • xAP BSC Level Device. Analogue control using a numeric level for dimmers, volume controls etc.
  • xAP BSC Stream Device. Input or output of text or numeric information.
  • xAP BSC Choice Device. A variation on a stream device where the value is chosen from a list.

All these devices are fully compatible with other HouseBot devices. They can be scripted, used in triggers and tasks as well as working with HouseBot's graphical remote control development tools.

xAP Plugins for HouseBot is available in three editions: Trial, Evaluation and Full.

  • Trial edition. Most users start with the Trial edition—it's freely available. The Trial edition is fully functioning in all respects except for being limited to a certain number of each kind of xAP HouseBot device. Currently this limit is a maximum of 30 xAP BSC devices and five Generic xAP devices (listener and sender). Within this limit you are free to use the trial edition as much and as long as you want.
  • Evaluation edition. The Evaluation edition does not have the device count restrictions of the Trial edition but it is date limited (normally to 30 days, other durations can be requested). When the evaluation period has expired the plug-ins revert to Trial edition functionality.
  • Full edition. The Full edition is not limited either by device count or date. Full edition functionality is enabled by purchasing a licence and entering the licence key data you receive via email into HouseBot.

Get xAP Plugins for HouseBot

  • Download xAP Plugins for HouseBot. (v1.0 15 Sept 2008)
  • Request an evaluation key via email.
  • Purchase a full licence. A full licence costs just $10, enables you to create unlimited xAP devices, access priority email support, get early access and notification of updates, and version updates during the life of HouseBot v3.x.

Credit/Debit card and PayPal transactions processed by PayPal.

Note that licence key requests and transactions are currently processed manually. We aim to process requests within 24 hours weekdays but may take longer in some cases. Remember, the plugin is fully functional in trial mode without any key. An automated system is coming soon.

xAP Plugins for HouseBot v3 pre-requisites

  • Microsoft Windows NT, XP, Vista
  • CeBotics HouseBot v3.2 or greater (critical for correct operation)
  • Microsoft .Net Framework v2.0 (for installer only)