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xAP x10 Control

This project is a connector service that translates between the worlds of a xAP network and an X10 powerline control network. It makes use of a CM10 or CM11 unit that is plugged into the powerline on one side and the PC's serial port on the other.

The main features of the current release are:

  • Two way translation between X10 powerline signals and xAP X10 schema
  • Two way translation between X10 powerline signals and xAP BSC schema v1.3
  • Developed as a plugin module for xAPFramework.net runtimes allowing operation as a GUI application, command line application and a Windows service
  • GUI configuration screens for general preferences and BSC/X10 address mapping (when run as a GUI application)
  • BSC schema operation hides details of X10 addressing from the xAP network making X10 devices behave like any xAP BSC device
  • Powerline command optimiser ensures the most efficient sequence of X10 commands is used to implement commands from the xAP network
  • Specific algorithms for plug-in and DIN X10 modules use the most appropriate X10 commands for each module's capabilities.

Read more on the background of the x10 connector here.

The plugin code is packaged along with the required xFx runtime for each of the deployment types. Each is delivered as a Windows installer application.

Note that, as with other xFx applications, you will need to use the GUI version to edit the configuration files so this version is the best place to start.

Links to the downloads are in the links box on the right.

Next x10 version

Jun 13, 2006 by Edward

It's been a long while since v2.2 of the x10 connector was released way back in 2006. Work on the next, largely re-written, version is now well advanced.

The new version uses the new xAP library, xFx-Express, and allows the configuration UI and server process to run on different machines. Support for the USB CM15a x10pro interface is included as is support for Vista and Windows 7.

Release is expected during August.


Aug 05, 2006 by Edward

Main changes in this release are:

  • Fixed an issue with hex/decimal conversion on the GUI config panel where no more than 10 devices could be added.
  • Split the GUI config panel into panes so the dialog fits on small screens.
  • Deal with RTC date/time update requests from the CM10/11 properly.
  • Added a binary input device to the to allow for correct handling of input devices such as motion detectors.
  • Better handling of CM10/11 not responding (power fail) and serial port disconnection issues (beta testing reports suggest the latter not entirely solved).
  • Now linked with the latest xFx dlls v1.2.10.10.
  • Cleaned up some minor compatibility issues with the BSC spec v1.3.

Unfortunately the configuration files for this version are incompatible with v2.5.0. You will need to re-enter your device setup data so please take a backup of your old version for reference before installing this version.